Team klo What



We are Alex and Yonnel, TeamKLoWhat.

As our name implies is a combination of our history, we were born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the US. In Dominican slang KLOK = “Waaaaaz up?”  the fun, outgoing and engaging conversation you have with a friend is at the core of why we do what we do.

TeamKLoWhat is a channel where we can get together, unbox things, dissect them, play, and review them. Talk tech, oh we love tech!! Vlog about life and news and talk about the things we love to do.

All this with a “Wazzzzzup” attitude. Because if you are part of TeamKLoWhat you are part of the family. TeamKLoWhat we are committed to providing Valutaiment and want to make sure we have fun with you while doing it.

We hope you enjoy the site, please, leave a comment, send us an email, follow us on Instagram and Facebook… We want to grow not just our audience but grow our friendship and a community that supports and has fun along the way. As we have embarked on this journey together and we hope you can join our community.

Team and come along with us and have a blast… laugh, learn, travel, and enjoy life…

We are honored that you are here, please check read our Blogs, Checkout our videos, subscribe so you won’t miss a thing stay tuned and follow our

shenanigans on IG, YouTube, Twitter @TeamKloWhat.

Alex and Yonnel



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